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Product Manager, Software L10N, and Marketer. Loves Smart Home & Home Automation. I love technologies that fade into the background, supporting our lives.

The HomePod mini is shipped with a 20W USB-C Charger in the box. How much power do they actually draw during daily use? How long can a 10,000 mAh power bank power it?

HomePod mini is one of the most interesting products Apple had launched in 2020, along with the M1 Macs. As a fan of home automation and music-listening, this 99$ gadget is definitely a must-buy for me. Especially since this is also the first device from Apple that supports Thread and the first HomePod that has the U1 chip. …

For me, it’s all about HomeKit, Thread, and a little bit of Zigbee.

2020 was a great year for home automation. Apple introduced their HomePod mini in October, the first Thread border router from the company, and Nanoleaf launched their new Essentials line up around the same month. It’s a good time for me in my late 20’s to start transforming my room towards a better, more automated future.

Disclaimer: information and opinions inside the article below are based on my experience and own research, and is not the view of my employer(s). I am not paid for these reviews…

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Prayudi Satriyo Nugroho

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